Indian Ocean Hackathon[Entries Closed]
Prize pool of 4000$+
Twitter Results Announcements Thread
Welcome to the Indian Ocean home-base!
The Great Indian Ocean Hack is officially live until the end of this month with 31st as the effective deadline for all submissions.
We have a slew of parallel events that are happening this month in lead-up to the same.
With a total Prize Money of 4000$ USD + possibly a few more from Support Sponsors, the Hackathon format is based on a string of quests based on different skills that you can bring forward to the Great Indian Ocean Hack, and also an official group hacking window, which is scheduled for January 29-30th, which will include exciting workshops and Guest-talks!
PSA Update: The bounties for the following challenge are still open
โ€‹OceanDAO partners[Entries Closed]Algovera Challenge
  • 500$ USD for the best Overseas challenge earmark
Eligibility for entry:
  • Open to all Indian community members
  • We also have two ways in which the general Ocean community members can also participate regardless of the nationality - Overseas category (mentioned further below) - Algovera Design Bounty (mentioned previously)
Best Overseas project teams:
While the aforementioned categories are mostly exclusive for Indian Ocean Community members, we will also select a few outstanding entries from the hackathon participation. The best overseas team prize pool is worth 500$ USD in Ocean.
PS: The Algovera Design Bounty is also open to everyone from the Ocean Navy. To learn more about the Algovera design bounty, refer to the following link
Algovera Design bounty
The over Submission link as below:
General Rules:
  • 500 USD worth of $Ocean will be the prize pool for each bounty category
  • Each bounty track category has a prize pool of 500$, with specific earmarks for winning.
  • The best overseas team category will have a combined pool of 500USD$ In Ocean
  • Partner tracks may have additional rules & information as part of the hackathon.
  • One candidate/Squad can win multiple tracks; however there is a rate-limit of 2 tracks at max
  • Squad teams maybe allowed, but not more than 3 per team
Judging of Winners: The judging of winners will be composed of our event partners and invited guests through Indian Ocean Outreach & the Ocean DAO.
Deadline for submissions: February 5th; Midnight GMT

The Indian Ocean Hackathon:

The Overall Hackathon quest format is of 5-fold as shown below.
Writer quests (entries closed) : We recognize that writers, deep-divers are one of the most required skill sets in Web3. The ability to tap into new projects and understanding fundamentals of emerging projects are paramount and we couldn't think of a better way to reward experienced Web3 writers to get their hands on with skilled writing quests.
Designer bounty UI/UX Review: Great design in Web3 is not just necessary, but a mandatory skill to hack in Web3. We recognize the same and welcome all design hackers to help us with valuable insights that would help Ocean DAO & the Indian Ocean Program to a great extent.
Indian Ocean Ambassador Challenge (entries closed) : This is an exclusive program reserved for the first 25 Ocean Ambassadors who get onboarded through our challenge; details of which is mentioned below on our LinkTree. The prize pool related to the challenge will be part of the Ambassador Challengeโ€‹
Ensure that you are part of our Discord to receive further updates on Quests related to the challenge.
Core-Tech Developer Bounty (entries closed) : Contributing to the Core-tech of OceanDAO can be very rewarding, as successful projects and integrations with the core-tech stack of OceanProtocol are well funded by the OceanDAO through cyclical funding. If proof of successful core-tech integration can shown in a plan of action, you can have the chance of winning 30% additional bounty reward. The judging panel will involve atleast 1 member from the Core-Tech Working Group.
Media Super Power Bounty: The Indian Ascendancy thesis as put forth by BalajiS, is India emerging as a media superpower as a multiplier of Web3 technology whereby we incentivize projects of social good by amplified Media content that educates the people on the benefits of Web3 sustainability. We would provide a special bounty that evangelizes the ethos of good media production during the Hackathon.
Highlights from past events:
January 21st; Friday 730pm IST | Indian Ocean Hackathon launch
Highlights from the Hackathon Launch event
Launch event highlights
Workshop 4: Jan 26th 630 pm IST | co-hosted with Phoenix Guild
W4 Workshop on Ocean Basics, Academy & Hackathon Q&A
January 29-30th: Hacker hours
The Final Sprint!
Note: We would also be updating the Gitbook with dates of important workshops that are upcoming on our Indian Ocean Community Tracker.
Interest in Supporting us with Sponsorship:
If you have vested interest in being part of our event-roadmap or future events, do write to us at [email protected] or write directly to DrPrk.Eth #1527 on Discord.
Join the Ocean Protocol | Indian Outreach Discord Server!
More details on the bounties will be announced on our Socials:
Indian Ocean Builders & Ambassadors ๐ŸŒŠ
Indian Ocean Builders group
Join the Ocean Protocol | Indian Outreach Discord Server!
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