🏝️Indian Ocean DAO

Indian Ocean Outreach program

The objective of the Indian Ocean DAO is to ensure that the Indian Ocean Outreach program does not become a shilling program for $Ocean tokens.

However, One can expect quality Quest rewards through a rally of community based tasks through community calls and Ambassador programs. One can also expect similar funding style as OceanDAO to potential builders. We also aim to provide support to a diverse set of programs and media partners that aim to provide support to the basics of Web3 fundamentals to people.

Genesis of Indian Ocean Outreach Program:

We were grateful to have a genesis through the support of the $OceanDAO voters who vouched for us through snapshot token vote of 3.56 Million ocean votes during the Round10 of Ocean DAO.

Since then we have been accumulating interactions through strategic partnerships and helping members get their seat at the Ocean DAO table, one Proposal at a time.

Stay engaged with us for more exciting updates on the evolution of Ocean DAO and we could help get your first proposal to get funded by either the Indian Ocean DAO or through our parent organization - Ocean DAO.

Genesis launch of Indian Ocean DAO:

We have strong mission alignments and vision towards the sustenance of the Ocean DAO for the Indian community as well. We intend to launch our Official DAO model during the on January 29th as a DAO launch after starting successfully as the Indian Ocean Outreach program.

DAO mechanics: The DAO mechanics will be kicking off with the values initially created by the Indian Ocean outreach program and will be progressive in nature while preserving the Ambassador's pledge that we maintain towards the Ocean DAO. More announcements on the same will be reflected on our socials.

Values and Mission alignment:

The value and missions of the Indian Ocean DAO is to onboard the next wave of Web2 native builders and community hackers into the Web3 community.

The Indian Ocean DAO is Welcome to All.

Open to All.

Social Hubs of Interaction:

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