🏆Partner tracks

The partner tracks mentioned henceforth are essentially quests and bounties put forth by our partners to the Indian Ocean Outreach Program, funded by the Ocean DAO.

A few considerations below in the interest of participants:

  • The partners reserve the right to award the prize winners

  • The partners may adjust the prize amount in proportion to the quality of submissions

  • The overall amount can amount to a prize pool if there are more quality submissions for the bounty challenges that are put forth

  • Bounty format: The bounty formats are essentially permission-less bounties that are open to anyone who makes the submissions within the deadline mentioned by the Indian Outreach program.

How can you collaborate with us?

  • Marketing partners

  • Strategic partners

  • Sponsoring our future community calls, events

  • Sponsors, partners for our future Hackathon events

Write to us on our socials/email at indianoceandao@gmail.com

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